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Our Horses


Covey’s calm intelligence, naturally smooth jog, put together with a people-pleasing personality and stunning good looks, make him an immediate favorite for everyone who meets him. After surviving, and making a complete recovery from, an injury as a 2 yr old that nearly ended his life, Covey has since been trail-ridden extensively. When he is not continuing his education, he loves being part of our program and is well-suited for our larger, taller and/or more confident riders due to his bigger size.
  • Age: 2008
  • Breed: Grade Paint
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Height: 16hh
  • Color: Gray


Before Rocky came to Hope for the Trail, he was used as a family trail horse. He is a “steady Eddy,” and the very definition of “bomb proof.” Taking everything in stride, he is a colorful, friendly, and, at times, goofy addition to our program. Riders and volunteers alike enjoy handling, and spending time with him.
  • Age: 2000
  • Breed: APHA
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Height: 15hh
  • Color: Sorrel Overo


April is Maddie’s personal horse/mount and has extensive training in halter, western pleasure, hunter/jumper, and, most recently, endurance. Though not considered a main horse in the program, she has impeccable ground manners, and is fantastic under saddle as a lead line horse. After a successful performance career, April enjoyed a year off as a brood mare, delivering her first foal, Flynn (see below), in March of 2015. She is a great back up horse to have in the unlikely event one of the other horses is unavailable for classes.
  • Age: 2001
  • Breed: APHA
  • Sex: Mare
  • Height: 15.3hh
  • Color: Sorrel Overo


Red is a character! In his past life as a pony horse on the track, his name was Houdini, as he was notorious for escaping his stall to get into mischief. One time he even got loose from being tied, and was found standing in the grandstand with all the spectators! Because of his bravery when it comes to new challenges, and loud noises, coupled with his desire to be with people, there is no doubt that we are pleased to have him in our program.
  • Age: 2002
  • Breed: Thoroughbred/Belgian Cross
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Height: 15.3hh
  • Color: Sorrel with Flaxen mane/tail


Prior to coming to Hope for the Trail, Sammy was used as a play-day and lesson horse, and loved his job. This is great for us, because we use him for the same reasons. Currently being the smallest pony on our property, he is a reassuring mount for some of our tiniest and most timid riders. With his “puppy dog” personality, and flashy coloring, he quickly became one of the most desired to ride of all of our ponies.
  • Age: 2005
  • Breed: POA
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Height: 13hh
  • Color: Varnished Chestnut with blanket


We have all enjoyed watching Flynn grow up over the last year, after being born here on our property in March of 2015. A look-a-like to his mom, April, with an outstanding disposition and maturity for his age, we look forward to his future as therapy horse in our program.
  • Age: 2015
  • Breed: Half Arabian
  • Sex: Gelding
  • Height: 13.3hh(current)
  • Color: Sorrel Overo