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The Great Uncomfortable

  Our Hope for the Trail fundraising campaign is coming to a close in about 27 hours. In the midst of it, we’ve welcomed (and enjoyed the heck out of) our new stud colt, Flynn, made some significant personal transitions, and have still managed to raise almost $13,000. Because he promised, and you came through, […]

How My Uni-Lazy Might Make it to Walmart

I own a Uni-lazy, and I am unashamed. What is a Uni-lazy, you ask? Well, it’s basically adult-sized footie pajamas, made out of a Snuggie. Mine is brown, and makes me look like a bear. It’s hideous, really, but I don’t care because, well, WARM. A while back, I threw a crazy pic of me, […]

Will You Be a Partner in Hope?

It’s been a long time coming. Seriously, it took two full years for us to get our 501(c)3 federal non-profit determination, and in the interim, we’ve operated on a very small scale, with a 90% finished facility, and a Program Director volunteering all her time, while working full-time at another facility. We’ve gutted it out, […]

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